Jewelry Care


For jewelry either plated or non-plated materials, it is generally recommended to avoid long term exposure to heat and moisture where possible. In addition, non-plated metals needs extra care and maintenance due to the nature of the metal. Both plated and non-plated metals may naturally tarnish and lose some lustre when exposed to heat and humidity over time due to the process of oxidation. The oxidization process for plated brass is much slower however and in some cases, some customers may actually prefer this dull antique look and nothing needs to be done. If however, you like the more brighter look, here are some tips to slow down or avoid the oxidation process:  

  • Do not spray perfume on jewelry directly as the natural materials of the jewelry may react and oxidize to the ingredients of the perfume. Perfume may be used prior to putting on jewelry.
  • Do not wear jewelry into the bath or shower or immerse in water as the materials are natural and contact with water and personal body products such as soaps and moisturizers will accelerate oxidation and may leave water spots.
  • Store brass jewelry in airtight ziploc jewelry bags provided after each use to avoid exposure to air, moisture, and oxidation. As well, store the jewelry in a dark, dry place for long term storage and long periods on non-use. 
  • Put on your jewelry piece after you put your clothes on and remove them before you take your clothes off. Doing this will ensure that your jewelry will not accidentally get caught on your clothing  and cause damage to both your clothes or jewelry.
  • Always wear your plastic or metal safety backs with your earrings to prevent loss.

Our jewelry is hand crafted using a combination of plated and non-plated brass parts and therefore delicate in nature. Treat it with care, and you will extend its' longevity!