Our Design Philosophy

In this day and age, life is filled with a bounty of experiences and choices which often times can get complicated. Fashion choices change quickly and often times, keeping up with change can be confusing and stressful. Throughout all this lies a yearning for a return to simplicity with yet something new and never before seen.

Charisse Collections offers such a return to simplicity by introducing a collection of uniquely designed handcrafted jewelry that will reflect the tastefulness and subtle elegance of those who wear them.

Designing since 2008 in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Charisse Collections offers the highest quality in custom handcrafted jewelry with an emphasis on originality, charm, and subtlety. Our designers draw inspiration from a combination of the natural beauty and sophistication of our environment, our years of experience as jewelry designers traveling around the world, and most importantly, speaking to our most important experts, our customers. 

Our designs offer a fresh look to the industry through the use of unique colours and materials that are not overbearing yet very recognizable as a closer look will reveal the true beauty and elegance that is the signature of the collection. The look and feel of our designs follow the philosophy of our company founder and lead designer which emphasizes simplicity, elegance, and “one of a kind” uniqueness. Our collection is purposely designed with subtlety and elegance in mind that accentuates the personality and mood of those who wear our jewelry worldwide.