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Charisse Custom Designs lets you work directly with our talented team of world class designers to create that magical and unique piece of jewelry for any occasion. Here, you will have the chance to customize from our selection of highest quality materials in gold chains, pearls, and diamonds. We're here to guide you along by offering our expert advice to create that one of a kind special piece. Imagine the pride you will take in telling your friends you designed it and there is no other piece like it !

Charisse Custom Designs generally take 3 to 4 weeks for production (includes shipping time). Please allow for this time if you are ordering for a special occasion or event. 

Our Materials

Chains: We use 18k gold for our custom designs as 18k offers the highest quality to match our pearls and diamonds. Colours available include Rose, Yellow, and White Gold. 

Chain Link Type: Available in our special 16" to 18" or 18" to 20" telescopic adjustable lengths. 


  • Mikimoto Akoya Pearls: Prized for their brilliant lustre and rich natural colours. Unlike Freshwater pearls which are cultured in mussels, Akoya pearls are produced by Japan's Akoya oysters in saltwater and are composed of a different structure giving them more lustre. On average, Akoya pearls are larger,  smoother, more spherical, and more lustrous than Freshwater pearls.
  • Aurora Madera Pearls: A grey-blue series of Akoya pearls which are very rare due to its' low yield. The grey-blue hue s 100% natural and does not undergo any colour enhancement. The Aurora Madera series is truly one of the most elegant amongst the most famous line of Akoya pearls. 
  • Australian South Sea Pearls: Native to Western Australia, Australian South Sea pearls are cultured in the Pinctada maxima oyster from the pristine coastal waters. They are best known for their pure white colouring with a hint of silver sheen and for their truer spherical shape. The most sought after Australian South Sea pearls have a slight pink hue. Australian South Sea pearls generally come in larger sizes from 8mm to 18mm. Those who prefer larger pearl sizes are sure to find these pearls much more exquisite.

Diamonds: Our custom designs are crafted with naturally occurring genuine diamonds typically F colour. Upon special request, we may be able to use cubic zirconia as a substitute. 

Yellow Diamonds: Also available are Yellow diamonds. Yellow diamonds display a rich yellow body colour. The colouring comes from small amounts of nitrogen contained within the crystal structure. They are generally considered the world's most valuable yellow gemstone for their rich colour, brightness, fire, and exceptional lustre. 

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